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Bloom Where You Are Planted ? Even If You Have BeenTransplanted

Posted by ShipwreckWriter - Lynn Pettigrew Norris on February 5, 2013 at 9:40 AM

By Lynn Pettigrew Norris


I have had a few awesome teachers – some in school and some in college. Today I am thinking of a Southwestern College professor I had who is always a very encouraging person. She always says, “Bloom where you areplanted!” And she means it!

That saying gives me much room for thought. At first, I sent her a lengthy explanation about why I would not, could not, should not bloom where I was planted. The thing was, I no longer worked where I was working and she did not know that. That is where my thought process picked up this morning.


I remember several years back a wonderful lady (whom I havelost track of) named Sunni sent me out at the conclusion of one job with this: “It’stoo bad you can’t do what you’re doing down where you live.” She had no way of knowing that earlier that morning, my own immediate supervisor had spoken those exact words to me. I was working at the Mental Health Association of SouthCentral Kansas in Wichita at that time finishing up meetings surrounding a new Education program that I had set up for them. They were both right. If I could have bloomed right there (where I was planted), I would have. But the distanceto that job – over three hours per day of commuting – was wearing on me. So Idid the next best thing: I transplanted those skills in a new location and reproduced a very similar Education program. All things considered, I remain proud of those two programs that are still going strong.


Treading on familiar ground, I am about to transplant thoseskills once again. There is nothing for me to gain financially because everything I am doing is unpaid work (volunteer) work and some for college credit. I will be working two days a week at a private Christian school helping in two Language Artsc lassrooms. I am looking forward to that. Three days a week I will be working at Lighthouse Library with a local classroom of volunteers who will be coming into the library for a set time per day to help set things up and volunteer.They will have more time to spend on Fridays because the local school district does not hold school on Fridays. I will also be in that school presenting some Language Arts lessons as part of my graduate courses. I am also doing some grant writing to continue some small grant funding for the library and to fund some new programs that will begin this Spring.


I also enrolled in a three-part workshop on Social Media fors mall businesses. It is no secret that I am clueless about Twitter although I have both a personal and business Twitter account. To me, Twitter is like a big, dark room where people speak random thoughts. While they are speaking, a  flashlight lights up (the tweat that has been posted) and others look toward their direction. The disturbing thing to me (also rather odd) is that it makes zero sense to me - I can't find the purpose. One person may be talking about sidewalk chalk art and another blurts out something about oil prices. Yet another pipes up with words about a great recipe for banana cream pie. Why? How does that make sense? This is what I intend to learn through these workshops that begin the first of March and run for a month. Thankfully they are done online, so I will figure out a time to work those into my schedule.


I still look in amazement at a favorite plant that I thoughtwas dead. It was a three-stem Palm tree (about five feet tall) that was one oft wo plants we still had from Jennifer’s funeral. Given to us by a group of cousins, it was very special to me. Then due to my leaving it in at the library last winter (before the heat was turned on), it froze. I thought it had died. I moved it outside all summer,but there was no sign of life in it. The stems sort of wilted away and finally I cut them all three off short. Then last fall when I was emptying flower pots for the season, I started to shovel out all the dirt from the huge container.That’s when I saw three small sprouts coming out from the bottom of the stems.There was new life in what I had thought was a lost cause.

Don’t give up on anything that is your dream. Even when things look hopeless and you think life has passed you by, bloom where you are planted. That is such a great saying and I’m thankful for a thoughtful teacher who shared it with me – a good reminder about life’s unexpected and sometimes unusual twists and turns.




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