When I Consider Thy Heavens

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Poetry Collection of Lynn Pettigrew Norris


Lifetime collection of poetry. Good for poetry lovers. Christian author with a focus on faith, simplicity of rural life, complexity of life's struggles, and hope of heaven. Includes a variety of old-fashioned times where chilren played "Sheep in my Pen" and "King on the Mountain" combined with complex issuess of college life, militray life, and grief. Speckled with other poems expressing humor, hope, and silliness. Proceeds go to the Lighthouse Library project in Dexter, Kansas. http://www.freewebs.com/eccrc ; To order, send your donation to: ECCRC, PO Box 40, Dexter, KS 67038. Or call (620) 876-7323. E-mail ECCRC at: [email protected] Suggest donation - $15.00. Thank you.

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